One Time Macro Count

Want to track your calories and macros like a pro?

Want to know where to start for YOUR body and YOUR goals?

I’ve got you covered!

What’s included:

  • Basic education on calories, and macronutrients.
  • Education on how to correctly track your food.
  • Video Tutorials on how to use the app I suggest to track them.
  • The ins and outs on how to incorporate flexibility in your diet.
  • Clear instructions and worksheets to track your data to send back to me.
  • One time calorie & macronutrient goal setup from YOUR data for YOUR body for YOUR goals.
  • Lifting and cardio recommendations.
  • All calculated personally by me!

Every person’s body is different

Our genetics are different, our muscle mass is different, our dieting histories are different! This means that our metabolisms are different. Because of all of this, the amount of food, macronutrients, and exercise an individual needs to reach their personal goals will also be different.

You can find online calculators that will tell you a guesstimate of how many calories you need. Some may even break it down into macronutrient goals.(protein, carbohydrate, and fats) But what you’ll be getting from those is a very general “guess” from very limited data meant to average out the masses. You are not just an average…you are YOU! A unique individual.

One-time setup and education

This one-time setup of calories, macros, and workout guidelines requires 10 days of tracking personal data. You will receive educational information on what and how to track, tracking worksheets to complete and send back to me, and very specific questions about you, your lifestyle, and your specific goals.

I will PERSONALLY go through your data and send back my recommendations for your calorie intake, macronutrient breakdown, and exercise guidelines according to your goals.

Please remember, the body is ever changing, and your body’s needs will change over time.  But, this one-time setup and education will give you everything you need to get started with a clear plan of attack!

What are my client's saying?

Dr. Joseph Liljenquist

"I am in the best shape of my life and have never felt better, and  with Maggie’s help, I have been able to maintain these goals for the past two years.  I am so grateful for Maggie and her expertise and knowledge.  She has changed my life."

Alicia Poppe

"Finding Maggie was not only a game changer but she literally threw me a life line. She knows her stuff and clearly has a passion for it. She has been 100 percent supportive and has kept me accountable."

Tyler Van

"I feel like I eat way better on her program than when I have ever tried to do any type of diet on my own. The only thing I can say is.... if you think you know, you don’t know, otherwise you would have the results you want already. Maggie is a friggin genius!!!"