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Personalized just for you.

Looking for accountability?

Have you been trying to get fit and healthy for a while and just feel like you are stuck?

Is it hard for you to stay consistent with a plan for your fitness, and need accountability?

Have you tried every diet, health or weight loss fad out there and still can’t find lasting results?

Are you tired of being told that you have to eat broccoli, grilled chicken, and brown rice to be healthy?

These are just some of the situations that I come across when I speak with people about their experiences with health and fitness.

If any of these feel like they may describe you in one way or another, I am here to help!

Flexible and sustainable

I have spent over 20 years studying nutrition and fitness and have found a system that works and is sustainable.

My approach to fitness and nutrition is a flexible and sustainable approach.  The approach of absolutes is a recipe for disaster. If I told you that you can never have a lick of sugar ever again, or that french fries are the devil and to never, ever even look at them you would already know that this is not a plan that you could realistically stick with for any length of time, let alone the rest of your life. You are unique and the best approach for you is one that is unique to you.

Personalized for you

You are not the same as everyone else, so why should your diet and exercise be like everyone else’s? One size does NOT fit all!  What happens after you fall off the wagon?  I’ll tell you what happens: you go back to doing what made you gain weight in the first place…and because you’ve been dieting (in most cases), you’ve set your body up for a nasty fat gaining rebound. Which, by the way is a totally normal part of dieting, but no one has taught you how to avoid that rebound and how to properly exit a dieting phase.  Then, out of desperation, you start looking for your next quick fix because you’re now 5lbs heavier than when you started your last quick fix.  Here is your brutal reality check for the day:


I will help you find a balance

I am here to work with you, to find how much food your body needs, what kinds of food your body responds to the best, and to help you figure out how much exercise your body needs in order to reach your goals.  No two bodies are the same. We need to stop trying to do what So and So is doing, and stop trying eat what So and So is eating.  Your body is yours, and I will help you figure out YOUR body!! If you’d like a little chocolate every afternoon to stay sane, then have it! Your needs are yours!  I will help you find that balance!

Keep it so simple

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What are my client's saying?

Dr. Joseph Liljenquist

"I am in the best shape of my life and have never felt better, and  with Maggie’s help, I have been able to maintain these goals for the past two years.  I am so grateful for Maggie and her expertise and knowledge.  She has changed my life."

Alicia Poppe

"Finding Maggie was not only a game changer but she literally threw me a life line. She knows her stuff and clearly has a passion for it. She has been 100 percent supportive and has kept me accountable."

Tyler Van

"I feel like I eat way better on her program than when I have ever tried to do any type of diet on my own. The only thing I can say is.... if you think you know, you don’t know, otherwise you would have the results you want already. Maggie is a friggin genius!!!"